Woodchuck Salad Bait


Woodchuck Salad Bait 6 oz.  Paste Bait

  • Strong and long lasting bait in rainy or dry weather.
  • Perfect for woodchucks and rabbits.
  • Comes in a convenient 6 oz. plastic jar.


Woodchuck Salad Bait

Woodchuck Salad Bait comes in 6oz. plastic jars.  This paste bait is a unique combination of the favorite foods of woodchucks and rabbits. This Woodchuck Bait is a strong and long lasting bait that holds up well in rainy or dry weather. Use in combination with Groundhog Heaven trailing scent for a super success rate.

Scotts Tips: Use one teaspoon on a apple slice or cabbage leaf in the back of the trap.  Then put a layer of grass clippings, hay or other greens on the bottom of the trap.  To finish off the set use a trailing scent like groundhog heaven.  This helps the animal find the trap entrance and helps compensate for unfavorable wind directions.


For more information on woodchuck damage follow this Link.  Please note you will leave this site.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Woodchuck Salad, Woodchuck Paste Bait

1 – 6oz. jar, 2 – 6oz. jars


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