Woodchuck and Rabbit Combo


  • ULTIMATE RABBIT & WOODCHUCK BAITING VARIETY PACK – These non-toxic baits and lures are specifically formulated to lure in rabbits and woodchucks. In the Rabbit & Whisitle Pig Magic Combo, you will get: Rabbit Magic paste bait 6 ounce, Woodchuck Salad paste bait 6 ounce, Groundhog Heaven trailing scent 4 ounce, Rabbit Trail Mix trailing scent 4 ounce.
  • RABBIT MAGIC & RABBIT TRAIL MIX – Rabbit Magic is a food grade paste style bait that can be used in live or lethal rabbit traps. Strong sweet flavor & scent that will make a bunny’s nose twitch. Rabbit Magic is a sweet, thick apple-based bait, with notes of fennel & anise. Only a teaspoon needed per set, you should get approx. 36 sets from this 6 ounce bait container. Works on catching raccoons too! Rabbit Trail Mix is also sweet scented that’ll make a bunny’s nose glued to the scent trail.
  • WOODCHUCK SALAD & GROUNDHOG HEAVEN – Woodchucks cannot resist the garden fresh scent of Woodchuck Salad with notes of cabbage & other veggies. It’s more effective than using vegetables in your trap. This scent will not appear strong to you, as these animals have a keen sense of smell that is multiplied.
  • TAKE BACK YOUR GARDEN – There’s no denying the two biggest problems in gardens are rabbits & woodchucks. They’ll saw off your prized greens, eat your peas & beans & chew new buds on flowers and trees. They have similar tastes, you could use these baits interchangeably.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central. Each product is handcrafted & developed by animal scientists and are proven to be effective. You can expect all of our food grade baits and trailing scents to have a pleasant aroma.


Woodchuck and Rabbit Combo

The Woodchuck and Rabbit Combo is exactly what you’re looking for when trapping woodchucks (also known as groundhogs) and rabbits. These non-toxic baits and lures a specifically formulated to lure in rabbits and woodchucks. This combo contains:

1-6 oz. Woodchuck Salad
Woodchuck Salad Bait is a unique combination of the favorite foods of woodchucks and rabbits. This woodchuck bait is a strong and long lasting bait that holds up well in rainy or dry weather.

1-4 oz. Groundhog Heaven
Woodchucks, or groundhogs to some, simply cannot resist checking this scent out! Just dribble a trail of Groundhog Heaven Trailing Scent into the trap from the area the animal frequents. Then, throw a cabbage leaf or half an apple with about 10-15 more drops of this scent on it and you’ll have a surprise guest waiting in the trap for you before you know it. Not only does this scent work great on woodchucks, but also works well with rabbits and skunks!

1-6 oz. Rabbit Magic
Even finicky rabbits and bunnies will find this paste style bait hard to resist! Just put a little bit on a cabbage or lettuce leaf and place in the back of your trap. Not only does Rabbit Magic work well on rabbits, but on raccoons too. Rabbit Magic can be used on lethal and humane rabbit traps. Super sweet apple flavor, texture, and taste!

1-4 oz. Rabbit Trailing Scent
Rabbit Trailing Scent smells just like a rabbit and is the trick to lure other rabbits into the trap! Just sprinkle a trail from the back of the trap out through the trap door and for several feet. The rabbit will follow this trail into the trap.

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