Whistle Pig Bait Package


  • WHISTLE PIG BAIT PACKAGE: These food grade baits & lures are specifically engineered to lure in groundhogs AKA woodchucks or Whistle Pigs as some call them, and rabbits (they like veggies just as much). The baits are fantastically garden vegetable scented & flavored to draw a woodchuck’s nose from afar. In the Whistle Pig Deluxe Variety Pack, you will get: Woodchuck Salad paste bait(6oz.), Groundhog Heaven trailing scent (4oz.)
  • WOODCHUCK SALAD – Woodchucks, groundhogs, & rabbits cannot resist this garden fresh scent bait made with cabbage & other veggies. Better than just using vegetables in your trap. This scent will not appear strong to you, as these animals have a keen sense of smell that is multiplied. All you need to do is smear Woodchuck Salad on a cabbage leaf or apple rind and throw into your Woodchuck trap. Set your trap. Wait for a trapped Woodchuck.
  • GROUNDHOG HEAVEN – Catch groundhogs fast & easy. Pair Groundhog Heaven with our Woodchuck Salad paste bait for super success, which is why we bundled these together in this variety pack. Get rid of groundhogs for good!
  • TAKE BACK YOUR GARDEN – Being that woodchucks are proficient diggers and climbers, these critters can be super destructive to gardens and crops. They can even climb apple trees and sit on a branch and eat your apples. Groundhogs are active during the day, so that is the best time to bait and set your live trap.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central. Each product is handcrafted & developed by animal scientists and are proven to be effective. You can expect all of our animal baits and trailing scents to have an appealing aroma to humans.


Whistle Pig Bait Package

The ultimate Whistle Pig AKA groundhog or woodchuck variety pack for catching those burrowing animals.  Includes 1 – 6oz Woodchuck Salad Bait and 1 – 4oz. Groundhog heaven trailing scent.

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