Ultimate Squirrel Special


Ultimate Squirrel Special. One Kania 2000 trap and 2 Squirrel baits for only $83.95

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This trap is designed for trapping Grey Squirrels, Opossum, Skunk, Mink, Marten, Rats and other small pests.This self contained trap allows the user, pest controller, trapper, wildlife manager an instant set. The Kania #2000 is considered the safest setting, species specific and most powerful trap available today.

This special includes one Ultimate Squirrel trap, 1 – 6oz. Squirrel Butter, and 1 6oz. Squirrel Jelly. for only $83.95 A SUPER Deal! This trap is one of the best raps out there for squirrel control. Works also for opposums.


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