Ultimate Killer Squirrel Trap

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Ultimate Kill Trap, Kania 2000

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Ultimate squirrel kill trap. Kania 2000. Easy to set, bait and use, no special tools needed. Can be nailed to trees, roofs etc… Kills quickly and humanely. Trap is made of galvanized steel and will last for years. Can also be used on mink, marten, and similar sized animals. Without a doubt the best trap on the market. For best results use with Barons Brand Squirrel Butter Bait, this bait will not go rancid like ordinary peanut butter will.

2 reviews for Ultimate Killer Squirrel Trap

  1. Christine

    Best trap every kills them dead every time we killed 30 our first week and then in trickled down after that.

  2. Tom (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this trap, very easy to set and works great. if you have a lot of chip monks they tend to steal the bait but if I keep them baited manage a few squirrels each day.

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