The Rabbit Special


  • THE ULTIMATE RABBIT TRAPPING PACKAGE: Everything in one package deal that you need to successfully trap rabbits.
  • LASTING TRAP: The Safeguard Live Trap is made to last in all types of weather with its 14 gauge wire mesh.
  • SWEET SMELLING AND TASTING BAIT: We’ve formulated our rabbit baits to satisfy any rabbits appetite.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Animal Control Products proudly makes and ships all over the USA. Located in the Midwest-AKA Wildlife Central!


The Rabbit Special

The Rabbit Special is the perfect combination of trap, bait and trailing scent that is sure to help do-it-yourselfers successfully trap troublesome rabbits! This special includes,

1-Live Trap (#51690)
This Safeguard Cage Trap (#51690) is manufactured with a front release. The trap measures 30″L x 11″W x 12″H and is constructed of 1″ x 1″ 14 ga. wire mesh. Good for capturing skunks, raccoons, woodchucks (groundhog), armadillos, feral cats, etc.

1-6oz. Rabbit Magic
Are rabbits taking over your home gardens? Rabbit Magic is the answer to get those pesky rodents trapped! Even finicky bunnies will find this paste style bait hard to resist! Just put a little bit on a cabbage or lettuce leaf and place in the back of your trap. Not only does this bait work well on rabbits, but on raccoons too. This bait can be used on lethal and humane traps. Super sweet apple flavor, texture, and taste! This is all you will need this vegetable garden season as it’s super long-lasting and this container should get you approximately 36 sets (using only a teaspoon per set).

1-4oz. Rabbit Trailing Scent
This Trailing Scent smells just like a rabbit and is the trick to lure other rabbits into the trap! Just sprinkle a trail from the back of the trap out through the trap door and for several feet. The rabbits will follow this trail into the trap.

To learn more about rabbits and the different kinds of species, check out this link (note: you will be directed away from this website)

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