The Flasher Bird Repellent


The Flasher Bird Repellent.  Easy and Effective Woodpecker and swallow repellent. Now includes a washer and screw! All you need is a screwdriver and a little bit of oil! So easy!



The Flasher Bird Repellent
Now includes washer and screw! All you need is a screwdriver and a little bit of oil! So easy!

The Flasher Bird Repellent is a Visual Bird, Woodpecker and Swallow Repellent (Patent Pending)  Creates fluttering, colors and sounds mimic strike movements of predatory birds. No batteries, cords, or other maintenance requirements. Small 2×6 inch reflectors are wind operated, easy to install and durable. Comes ready to install with manufactured support wire, all you need is a hammer and a few nails. Directions included. So simple most people can’t believe it actually works.

The Flasher Bird Repellent.   Tens of thousands sold since 1995. Major pest and wildlife control companies use this product. If they use it, then you know it works!

For woodpeckers install on the corners of the eves above damaged area.  This way you have visibility from two sides and this location area also receives the most air currents creating greater device movement.  Flashers placed directly over damaged area will also help.  Flashers that get more wind and light exposure increase effectiveness but is not critical to success.  Please follow directions that are included with product.

For Swallows install flashers along nesting line directly above nests spaced out 15 feet apart.  Flasher should be within 4 – 5 feet of nests.  The flashers will move with a very minimal amount of a breeze.  However it is very important to install flashers where they will receive the most wind to create movement and sunlight if possible.  Nests need to be removed prior to installation, additional removal of nests may be needed for a couple days.  Swallows can be difficult so persistence pays.

We have  a variety of pack sizes of The Flasher Bird Repellent to fit your needs.

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The Flasher Bird Repellent

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