“The Flasher” Bird Repellent 3pk. Great for Woodpeckers and Swallows.


THE FLASHER. Easy, Effective Woodpecker and Swallow repellent.


This three pack is great for small houses with problems on one or two sides. Visual Woodpecker-Swallow Repellent (Patent Pending) Fluttering, colors and sounds mimic strike movements of predatory birds.

Possibly the easiest yet most effective method of reducing or eliminating expensive woodpecker damage and swallow nesting behaviors. No batteries, cords, or other maintenance requirements.

Small 2×6 inch reflectors are wind operated, easy to install and durable. Comes ready to install with manufactured support wire, all you need is a hammer and a few nails. Directions included. So simple most people can’t believe it actually works.

Major pest control companies use this product. If they use it, then you know it works! For best results hang one on each corner of the house so the bird(s) will always see one, otherwise they will just move to where they do not see the Flasher and continue their behavior.


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