T1 Rat Prebaited Poison Station


T1 Rat Pre Baited Poison Station. Comes Ready to Use.


The T1 Mouse Pre-Baited Disposable Bait Stations is the newest innovative rodent control product from Bell Laboratories. The T1 station is pre-baited with a 1 oz. block of bromethlin, fast acting rodent bait that can kill up to 20 mice and has a lower risk of secondary poisoning. Each station has a clear lid so you can easily see if the bait is gone or how much has been eaten. Once the bait is consumed the station can be discarded. The T1 stations are classified as a tier 1 level station by the EPA, which is tamper resistant to children and pets and weather resistant. The station can be used indoors as well as outdoors.EPA REG 12455-121







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