Stick-All® Mouse & Insect Trap


  • Multipurpose Protector and Glue Trap-Protects pre-scented glue trap from dust and debris. No moving parts. Pests remain out of sight when caught.
  • Multiple Catch-Traps and monitors mice and insects 24 hours a day!
  • Low Profile-Fits under pallets and in confined spaces.


Stick-All® Mouse & Insect Trap

The Stick-All® Mouse & Insect Trap is the ultimate sticky mouse trap. The trap attracts, monitors, and catches multiple mice and insects. Features include: defined and permanent bullet lure holes for beetles, diverting walls to direct mice to the glue trap, and insect slot entrances on all four sides. Trapped pests remain out of sight when caught. The used glue trap is easily replaced with a new one. The high-impact polystyrene, reusable protective housing comes with one Stick-All® Glue Trap.

The Stick-All® Glue Trap is a sticky solution to a sticky problem. The trap is pre-scented to attract multiple mice and insects. Once caught, pests stay caught. They’re safe, simple and sanitary.

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Weight 1 lbs


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