Starling Birdhouse Trap


Complete Starling Trap. Trap has a 2 inch opening. Bottom release for ease in removing captures. Can also be used as a Kestrel nesting box after trap door is removed.


Starling Birdhouse Trap

Starling Birdhouse Trap. This trap will catch Starlings, Woodpeckers, Sparrows, Bluebirds etc. Please check this trap often to remove protected species. Bottom release for ease in removing captures. We dip them in a natural dye to give them a more natural look.  They can also be painted for longer durability.  Just screw or nail this trap in the desired location thru the pre-drilled hole. This trap is very easy to set and check.  We also have a sparrow birdhouse trap if you need a smaller version to this bird trap.

When catch is made you will see a yellow or orange dot appear in the entrance hole.  This starling birdhouse trap has a 2″ opening.  You can also easily remove the trap door and this box can then be used as a birdhouse for Kestrels and similar sized birds.

Scotts tip:  To remove bird take a kitchen garbage bag and cover the bottom half of the trap.  Reach thru the bag and unhook the latches and open the door.   Bird will immediately fall or go into the bag,  just tighten the top and you now have it secured.

For more damage information follow this Link.  Please note you will leave this site.

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Weight 5 lbs


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