The Skunk Starter Package


  • ✔ULTIMATE SKUNK BAITING VARIETY PACK: These non-toxic baits and lures are specifically engineered to lure in skunks also known as stinkers. The bait recipes are fantastically created and scented to appeal to skunks and what they typically will eat. In the Stinker Deluxe Variety Pack, you will get: Skunk Buffet paste bait (6oz.) & Skunk Trail Mix trailing scent (4oz.)
  • ✔SKUNK BUFFET – Skunk Buffet is a paste style bait that is sweet smelling and non-fishy like most skunk baits. There are so many alluring smells and flavors that exist in this bait, which is why we call it a buffet. You can expect all of our animal baits and trailing scents to have an appealing aroma to humans. All you need to do is smear Skunk Buffet on a big marshmallow and throw into your skunk trap. Set your trap. Wait for a capture.
  • ✔SKUNK TRAIL MIX – Catch skunks effectively. Pair Skunk Trail Mix with our Skunk Buffet paste bait, which is why we included these together in the Stinker Deluxe Variety Pack. If you’re looking to get rid of skunks for good, then Skunk Trail Mix is your answer. Just dribble a trail from where the skunk hangs out to your skunk live or lethal trap. Add 10-15 more drops of Skunk Trail Mix to a big marshmallow and throw into the back of the trap. Set your trap. Wait patiently for a capture.
  • ✔RECLAIM YOUR PROPERTY – Skunks are nuisances in many ways. Skunks raid poultry houses, yard grubs, live under decks or houses. Skunks enter houses & crawl spaces & will spray under or in buildings causing a skunk odor problem. Reduce skunk population with successful baiting & trapping. When transporting a skunk, throw a blanket over the trap to avoid being sprayed. They’re the biggest carrier of rabies. If you see a skunk during the day acting suspicious, it’s best to contact your local DNR.
  • ✔MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central. Each product is handcrafted & developed by animal scientists and are proven to be effective.


The Skunk Starter Package

The Skunk Starter Package is the answer you need when dealing with a skunk problem! Skunks are quite the little stinkers and can cause some serious damage to your property, including spraying their scent underneath your house and crawl spaces. Skunk Buffet & Skunk Trailing Scent are bundled together for the ultimate package to assist you in trapping and removing Skunks from your area.

Skunk Buffet is a smorgasbord of foods, flavors, and scents that are formulated specifically to a skunk’s taste palate. This bait is food grade and will not harm skunks or other animals. Comes in a convenient 6 oz. plastic jar.

With skunk’s keen sense of smell, they are for sure to pick up on the Skunk Trailing Scent. Dribble a trail from where the skunks frequent to your skunk trap. Add 10-15 drops to a big marshmallow and place in trap, set the trap and wait for your catch! Comes in a convenient 4 oz. plastic squirt bottle.

Skunks will typically spray their unpleasant odor when cornered or scared. After you trap a skunk, throw a blanket over the trap before transporting it to avoid spray. Or for better results, check out our Plastic Catch Traps to easily remove skunks.

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