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One bag of dye in 10-12 gallons of water will treat 25-30 #3 size or 40-50 #1-3/4 size traps that are moderately clean.

Bag contains approximately 20 oz.

Renno’s Natural Logwood Trap Dye is very similar to the logwood chips that were popular years ago with many old time professional fox and coyote trappers.  It is derived from a certain species of plant that is native to the mountains of Pennsylvania.  This dye coats traps with a finish that is nearly rust proof and odorless and has the ability to weather several weeks of trapping.

Instructions: Heat water with dye and traps immersed to a light boil and simmer/boil for two hours. Traps can now be waxed if desired. With excessively dirty or rusty traps, bring to a rolling boil for an hour or longer, then add another bag of RENNO’s Trap Dye and simmer for 30 minutes and let soak for 3-4 days.

Traps treated as per above instructions will have a medium dark finish that is nearly rust proof and odorless and will weather 3-4 weeks of trapping without waxing. Note: New traps should be washed in hot, soapy water to clean them of mfg. oil before dyeing, but do not need to be rusted.

This product is native to the USA.

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