Wine & Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent


  • ✔HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – When used properly, Wine and Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent works like a charm. Can be used for live or kill traps.
    ✔BEST TRAILING LURE – Super success rate at catching raccoons. Even more success when you pair Wine and Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent with our Raccoon Candy or Raccoon Jam paste baits. If you’re looking to get rid of raccoons for good, then Wine and Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent is your answer.
    ✔HUMANE – If your choice is to do live trapping or lethal trapping, Wine and Dine suits either choice. When handling any type of animal lure, please remember to use caution and wear gloves to not only protect yourself, but to limit human scent.
    ✔EASY TO USE – Just dribble a trail of Wine and Dine Trailing Scent into the trap from the area the animal frequents. Then, throw a marshmallow with about 10-15 more drops of this scent on it and you’ll have a surprise guest waiting in the trap for you before you know it.
    ✔MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central. Each product is handcrafted & developed by animal scientists and are proven to be effective.


Wine & Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent

Wine & Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent is sure to catch the attention of any raccoon passing by. This scent was specifically developed not to be attractive to cats or dogs.   At Animal Control Products, we’ve combined all of the raccoons favorite things into this fantastic trailing scent to help aid in successfully trapping troublesome raccoons. The use of this trailing scent is super simple, all you have to do is dribble a trail of the Wine & Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent from inside the rear of the trap you are using, out of the trap and a few feet out to the area the animal frequents. The trailing scent can be used with or without additional bait, but if you want to increase your odds we recommend using it with our made in house Raccoon Candy or Raccoon Jam. Comes in a convenient 4 oz. squirt bottle.
*Does not contain poison.

Raccoons may be cute and cuddly looking, but they actually cause quite a bit of damage by entering attics or chimneys to use as both denning areas and as a place to have their young. They create toilets in barns, attics, and lawns, and they raid gardens, chicken coops and corn fields. Identifying Raccoon damage is fairly distinctive, like their foot tracks. When raccoons raid chicken coops, the heads of the chickens will be far away from the body. Corn husks will have partially eaten ears. Freshly laid sod will be rolled up to eat grubs under the surface. Raccoons like to gain access through chimneys to raid garages in homes and buildings.

To learn more about raccoon behavior and to see our wide variety of raccoon related products, check out this link

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