The Raccoon Special


  • THE ULTIMATE RACCOON TRAPPING PACKAGE: Everything in one package deal that you need to successfully trap raccoons.
  • LASTING TRAP: The Safeguard Live Trap is made to last in all types of weather with its 14 gauge wire mesh.
  • SWEET SMELLING AND TASTING BAITS: We’ve formulated our raccoon baits to satisfy any raccoons sweet tooth. Raccoon Jam and Raccoon Candy are just what they’re named after!
  • MADE IN THE USA: Animal Control Products proudly makes and ships all over the USA. Located in the Midwest-AKA Wildlife Central!


The Raccoon Special

The Raccoon Special is just what you need to successfully trap troublesome raccoons! We’ve put together a superb trap and 2 sweet smelling baits that are sure to attract raccoons passing by or any raccoons that have made their home in a place that you find unnecessary! This special includes:

1-Live Trap (#51690)
This Safeguard Cage Trap (#51690) is manufactured with a front release. The trap measures 30″L x 11″W x 12″H and is constructed of 1″ x 1″ 14 ga. wire mesh. Good for capturing skunks, raccoons, woodchucks (groundhog), armadillos, feral cats, etc.

1-6oz. Raccoon Candy Bait
Raccoon Candy is a very sweet candy smelling paste that raccoons cannot resist. This bait is great for use in cage traps and holds up well in all weather conditions. Wildlife control professionals use this bait with great success. Want quick and great results? Use this bait, raccoons love sweets and that’s just what Raccoon Candy is!

1-6oz. Raccoon Jam Bait
This bait is a very strong berry type bait formulated especially for raccoons that is excellent for summer and early fall use as it holds up well in heat or rain. Great for use in areas where you are trying to avoid cat catches. Raccoon Jam is the number one bait for catching those pesky raccoons. At this price you have to try it. Wildlife control companies across the country rely on this bait. Raccoons are sure to love it!!

For an even better success rate, use our made in house Wine and Dine Trailing Scent

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