Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid


1 oz. Raccoon Remover and Evictor Fluid



Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid

The Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid is used for removing female raccoons and their babies.  If you have raccoon and babies in your chimney or attic you can remove them without trapping or handling. You will not find a easier way to remove female raccoons and her cubs.  We find many professional Wildlife Control Operators use this product as their preferred method of removal.  This is because many times you cannot get to raccoon cubs to remove them without cutting a hole in a wall or soffit.  I have also had several times where you simply could not get at them at all.

You simply squirt some  eviction fluid on a rag and throw down the chimney or place on several rags and scatter around the attic.  Many people prefer to use tennis balls instead of rags.  This way you can apply the eviction fluid and just throw the tennis balls around the attic.  When distributing the remover fluid make sure to get some of the product as close to the animals as possible.

The smell of this raccoon remover eviction fluid will make the Female raccoon naturally fear for her cubs safety. We typically expect that she will move out overnight, her babies with her. You will find this works like a charm for females but will not work for male raccoons.

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Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid

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