Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid


  • ✔HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – The ultimate female mama raccoon removal, along with her babies, from areas such as attics and chimneys, the number one places raccoons gain entry into homes and give birth. Please note: this fluid will only work its magic on female raccoons, not males. As it is a female’s instinct to protect their young. Raccoon Eviction Fluid is non-poisonous and humane. Perfect way to evict unwanted raccoons in your house.
  • ✔MADE OF TRUE PREDATORY SCENT- Raccoon eviction fluid is a solution made with predatory animal glands and urine that naturally repel female raccoons because they’re a threat to baby raccoons and as soon as mama raccoon gets a whiff, she (and her raccoon babies) will make her way out of the area fast. Seal any entry points so they cannot come back in.
  • ✔NON-TOXIC & HUMANE – Non-poisonous but very strong scented to urge mama raccoons to leave that space immediately. No-kill and humane for the female raccoon and her babies. Safe to use around pets. When handling any type of animal bait, please remember to use caution and wear gloves to protect yourself. Comes in a 1 oz. plastic squirt bottle. This works way better than trapping or catching the babies and the mama.
  • ✔EASY TO USE – Squirt a little Raccoon Eviction Fluid on a rag and throw down the chimney or place on several rags and scatter in attic. Makes Momma raccoon naturally fear for her young ones safety. Typically she will move out overnight, taking her babies with her. Give her 24 hours to vacate.
  • ✔MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central. Each product is handcrafted & developed by animal scientists and are proven to be effective.


Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid

Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid is used for removing mother raccoons and her babies. If you in fact have a mother raccoon and babies in your chimney or attic, you can remove them without trapping or handling. You will not find an easier way to remove a mother raccoon and her cubs. We find many professional Wildlife Control Operators use this product as their preferred method of removal. Many times you cannot get to raccoon cubs to remove them without cutting a hole in a wall or soffit…this product is the perfect solution!

To use Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid, you simply squirt some eviction fluid on a rag and throw it down the chimney or place on several rags and scatter around the attic. Many people prefer to use tennis balls instead of rags for ease of getting the fluid as close to the momma and cubs as possible.

The scent of this eviction fluid will make the mother raccoon naturally fear for her cubs safety. We typically expect that she will move out overnight, her babies in tow. You will find this product works like a charm for females but will not work for male raccoons.

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Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid

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