Raccoon Trio Deluxe Bait Package


  • ✔ULTIMATE RACCOON BAITING VARIETY PACK: These food grade baits are specifically engineered to lure in raccoons. The baits are fantastically sweet scented & flavored and drill down on a raccoon’s sweet tooth. In the Raccoon Trio Deluxe Variety Pack, you will get: Raccoon Candy (6oz.), Raccoon Jam (6oz.), Raccoon Trail Mix (4oz.) All you need is a raccoon trap! HERE’S WHAT’S INCLUDED: Raccoon Candy (6oz.), Raccoon Jam (6oz.), Raccoon Trail Mix (4oz.)
  • ✔RACCOON JAM & RACCOON CANDY – Both Raccoon Jam & Raccoon Candy are food grade paste baits for live or lethal raccoon traps. Strong sweet flavor & scent that drives a raccoon’s sweet tooth wild. Raccoon Jam is a sweet, thick berry bait, while Raccoon Candy is exceptionally sweet & sugary. Only need 1 teaspoon per set, you should get approx. 36 sets from each of these 6 ounce baits. To use, smear the bait on a big marshmallow and throw into the back of the trap. Set the trap!
  • ✔RACCOON TRAIL MIX – Our super sweet trail mix flavored raccoon trailing scent works great in luring in raccoons from another area to your trap. Dribble a trail of Raccoon Trail Mix into back of trap from the area animal frequents. Put 10-15 drops of Raccoon Trail Mix on a big fluffy marshmallow and throw in the back of the trap. Set your trap. Wait for the raccoons to enter the trap, which will take a little patience.
  • ✔RECLAIM YOUR PROPERTY – Raccoons are in abundance, and be super destructive. They can take over your chicken coops and kill your poultry, wreck your gardens and sweet corn, and inhabit your homes. Reduce your raccoon population with successful baiting and trapping.
  • ✔MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central. Each product is handcrafted & developed by animal scientists and are proven to be effective. You can expect all of our animal baits and trailing scents to have an appealing aroma to humans.


Raccoon Trio Deluxe Bait Package

The Raccoon Bait Package is the super bait variety pack for catching, trapping, and removing raccoons from your yard, crops, gardens, and buildings. These products are great for summer and early fall raccoon trapping.

Raccoons can cause a lot of damage. They will enter attics or chimneys to use as both denning areas and as a place to have their young. They create toilets in barns, attics, and lawns, and they raid gardens, chicken coops and corn fields.

Identifying Raccoon damage is fairly distinctive, like their foot tracks. When they raid chicken coops, the heads of the chickens will be far away from the body. Corn husks will have partially eaten ears. Freshly laid sod will be rolled up to eat grubs under the surface. They like to gain access through chimneys to raid garages in homes and buildings.

The Raccoon Trio Deluxe Bait Package Includes:
1-6 oz. Raccoon Candy
Just like the name says….as sweet and sugary as a bag of candy, this paste bait will not go unnoticed by your raccoon population. Super thick and has a pleasant aroma to even humans.

1-6 oz. Raccoon Jam
Rich and fruity just like a jam is expected to be, Raccoon Jam is a sure thing to satisfy a raccoon’s sweet tooth. Super thick and has a pleasant aroma to even humans.

1-4 oz. Wine and Dine Raccoon Trailing Scent
Raccoons will think they are walking into a feast of their lifetime when they pick up on the Wine & Dine trailing scent! Dribble a trail from where the raccoons are frequenting to the back of the raccoon trap.

Pro Tip: For Dog Proof Traps put bait on a marshmallow and stab on the trigger then use the trailing scent around trap.

To learn more about raccoons and to see what other raccoon related products we carry, check out this link https://www.animalcontrolproducts.com/animal-library/raccoon-removal/

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