Rabbit Trailing Scent



Rabbit Trailing Scent

Rabbit Trailing Scent.  This scent smells just like a rabbit and is used to lure other rabbits into the trap.  Just sprinkle a trail from the back of the trap out thru the door and for several feet.  The rabbit will follow this trail into the trap.  Best if used with Rabbit Magic Rabbit Bait.  Put Rabbit Magic on a apple slice or cabbage leab in the back of the trap.  This scent can also be used to lay a trail to train dogs. Comes in a 4oz. squirt bottle.

When live trapping Rabbits its best to layer the bottom of live traps with some type of fresh greens or if in winter some dried grass or hay.  Trailing scents are particularly useful to aid in the animals finding the entrance to the trap and to compensate for unfavorable wind directions.  Whenever you set live traps for rabbits make sure the live trap is stable and does not wobble or move when the rabbit enters the trap as this can cause hesitation upon entering.


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