Rabbit Magic Bait


  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – Strong and long-lasting Rabbit Magic trail paste-style bait can be used in lethal or humane animal traps. Our non-toxic formula will hold up against dry and rainy weather. Rabbit Magic has a unique garden flavor that appeals to rabbits, bunnies, and raccoons.
  • STRONG SWEET SCENT AND TASTE- Rabbits, Bunnies, and even Raccoons cannot resist this fresh delicious sweet flavor (with ingredients such as apple, anise, and fennel) & scented bait. Rabbit Magic is much stronger than just using fruit or vegetables in your trap.
  • NON-POISONOUS AND HUMANE- If your choice is to do live trapping or lethal trapping, Rabbit Magic suits either choice. When handling any type of animal bait, please remember to use caution and wear gloves to protect yourself.
  • EASY TO USE – Just smear a small amount of Rabbit Magic onto a cabbage or lettuce leaf and throw it in the back of the rabbit trap. Rabbits (and raccoons) cannot resist the scent of Rabbit Magic! Comes in a convenient 6 oz. plastic jar.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central. Each product is handcrafted & developed by animal scientists and are proven to be effective.


Rabbit Magic Bait

Are rabbits taking over your home gardens? Rabbit Magic is the answer to get those pesky rodents trapped! Even finicky rabbits and bunnies will find this paste style bait hard to resist! Just put a little bit on a cabbage or lettuce leaf and place in the back of your trap. Not only does Rabbit Magic work well on rabbits, but on raccoons too. Rabbit Magic can be used on lethal and humane rabbit traps. Super sweet apple flavor, texture, and taste! This is all you will need this vegetable garden season as it’s super long-lasting and this container should get you approximately 36 sets (using only a teaspoon per set).

Pro Tip: This bait appeals to the rabbits sweet tooth, will also work on muskrat, raccoons, nutria and groundhogs. When using on rabbits or groundhogs, its best if you layer the bottom of the trap with grass, hay etc.. Make sure the trap is stable and doesn’t move when the animal enters or presses up against the trap. When trapping rabbits, use Rabbit Trailing Scent in conjunction with Rabbit Magic.

The appetite of a rabbit can cause problems every season of the year. Rabbits eat a wide variety of flowers (mostly tulips) & vegetables (carrots, peas, beans and beets) in spring and summer. In fall and winter, they damage and kill valuable woody plants. Rabbits can do damage to woody plants by gnawing bark or clipping off branches, stems, and buds. In snowy winter northern states, rabbits severely damage expensive home landscape plants, orchards, forest plantations, & park trees and shrubs. Some young plants are clipped off at snow height, and large trees and shrubs may be completely girdled. Gnawing on older woody growth and the clean cut, angled clipping of young stems are signs of rabbit damage. Distinctive round droppings in the immediate area are a good sign of their presence too.


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Weight .6 lbs
Rabbit Magic, Rabbit Bait

1 – 6oz. jar, 2 – 6oz. jars


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