Quick Set Gopher Trap




Quick Set Gopher Trap

Quick Set Gopher Trap. Place trap inside of tunnel. Leave tunnell hole open at all times. Use a stake for fastening the trap, so animals don’t take them. To set trap, hold downward and just squeeze the handles and the trap trigger automatically sets itself. While holding handles, set trigger plate so trap snaps easily.

Scotts Tip: Focus your efforts on the fresh mounds.  If your dealing with a large area you may want to poison them first to reduce the population.  Products like our Omega Gopher Bait can be used.  Our Omega Gopher Bait is an easy-to-use poisonous gopher bait formulated with the active ingredient strychnine. This Gopher Bait contains oats which make the poison palatable to gophers. It is meant strictly for controlling gophers and pocket gophers.

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Revenge Quick Set Gopher Trap

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