Pot Luck Predator Bait.




Pot Luck Predator Bait

This is another great product no trapper should go without.  It works great on Fox, Coyotes, Bobcats, Fisher, Marten and Wolves.

This predator bait starts out with a bobcat meat base with several quality key ingredients that makes this irresistible to predators.  This Predator Bait causes a strong digging reaction in predators. Coyotes will also pull this bait so it can be used with getter guns or with the collar-um.  This is our go to bait anywhere we have trapped in the country.  A must for any serious predator trappers.  Great on raccoons too!  Comes in glass jars.  This bait has proven itself over and over to trappers across the country.

Check out our quality predator urines.  We also have lure ingredients for the trapper that likes to dabble in bait and lure making.

Scotts Tip:  When using Pot Luck Predator Bait at dirt hole sets it is important to make sure the predator has to work hard to get it.  This is best done by having a small diameter hole about one inch at least 5 inches deep.  If your using a larger diameter hole two inches or larger I prefer it to be at least ten inches deep.


For information on coyote depredation follow this link  Pease note you will leave this site.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Pot Luck Predator Bait

1 – 9oz. jar, 3 – 9oz. jars


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