Tomahawk Model 410 Multi Catch Turtle Trap



The Tomahawk Model 410 is a multiple catch turtle trap that can catch and hold many turtles at one time. It has a unique swinging trap door system that allows turtles to enter and not leave. It also has a “bait door” near the back of the trap to allow you to quickly and easily bait the trap without reaching through the repeating trap door. It works especially well on snapping turtles. Bait this trap with chopped raw fish in a sack or bait box hanging near the back of the trap. Turtles will enter the trap to feed. Placement of the trap should be partially submerged with the trap door facing deeper water and bait touching the water to ensure the scent from the raw fish enters the water attracting the turtles. This trap measures 42L x 23W x 12H and is constructed of 1×2 – 12ga wire mesh

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 24 × 12 in


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