MB-650 O.S.




Great coyote and bobcat trap.

The MB-650 is heavy-duty from top to bottom and comes with 1/4″ offset jaws and a 6 1/8″ inside jaw spread. This custom-made trap is 4-coiled, baseplated, center swiveled and has an extra heavy-duty oversize pan which provides for a huge kill area. The pan tension is adjustable with a #10 pan bolt. Both heavy jaws are held down by a special trigger system which will keep any animal from flipping up a loose jaw. The dog has a “step-down” notch milled into it that gives you an audible click when you are lowering the pan. We’ve of course installed our MB Crunch Proof Swivels and heavy duty #3 select chain. Available in six jaw configurations to fit your needs. The MB-650 has a unique spring and lever system which is all one piece. All MB-650’s have an offset jaw and are 4-coiled.

What is the difference between a regular and offset jaw?
When the trap is in the fired position and you are looking straight down on the trap if the jaws touch together it is a regular or closed jaw trap. If there is a gap where the jaws meet that is called an offset jaw trap.


  • Inside Jaw Spread: 6 1/8”
  • Outside Jaw Spread (top to bottom): 6 ½”
  • Outside Jaw Spread (lever to lever): 6”
  • Jaw Offset is ¼”
  • Pan dimensions: 3” x 3”
  • Chain: 7.5” of MB #3 Straight Link (9 total links)
  • Swivels:2 MB Crunch Proof Swivels. One off baseplate & one at end of chain
  • Total Chain Length: 10.5” including swivels
  • Weight:  2.6 pounds

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