Long Call Predator Lure




Long Call Predator Lure

This is another great product no trapper should go without.  It works great on Fox, Coyotes, Bobcats, Fisher, Marten and Wolves.

Made with food odor, a blend of musks, and a healthy dose of skunk.  This one does as it implies;  it calls in predators from a long ways away.  Use in cold weather or if a set is not producing after a few days, add this Call Lure.   Great for all predators anywhere,  never leave for the trapline without it.  Comes in glass bottles.

Check out our quality predator urines.  We also have lure ingredients for the trapper that likes to dabble in bait and lure making.




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Weight .3 lbs
Long Call Predator Lure

1oz., 4oz.


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