Little Killer Squirrel Trap

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  • Little Killer Squirrel Trap is just what the name implies.
  • Tired of pesky squirrels and chipmunks invading your home? This is your go to trap.
  • Easy to set and very effective.
  • Push or Pull Trigger System


The Little Killer Squirrel Trap.

The Little Killer Squirrel Trap is highly effective on rodents such as ground squirrels, chipmunks, and all tree squirrel species. This is a choker style trap that is made mostly of wood. The Little Killer Squirrel Trap can be set on both vertical or horizontal surfaces for tree squirrels.  This Trap has a push or pull trigger for increased performance.  Make sure you put the bait in front of the trigger in the depression.  You will not need tools to set or reset after a catch.

We have many good squirrel baits and lures find them at:

Scotts Tip:  Most times its best to place traps on trees that squirrels use to access your roof 6 – 8 feet off the ground.  This way you avoid not target animals and people tampering with the trap.  You won’t find a trap that can be attached to a vertical surface and maintain catch after catch as easy as this one.  When setting on vertical surfaces, you will need to use a paste type bait. I just use a butter knife and put some Squirrel Butter in the bait depression in the back of the trap behind the trigger.

*Dyed with a black walnut dye! The Little Killer Squirrel Trap will blend in with its surroundings as a camouflaged trap. Will also work as an attractant to animals as it is dyed in an all natural black walnut dye!*

  • NOTE: These traps are not meant to be left outside in the elements for several months at a time without further treatment.


Here is what some of our customers have to say about the Little Killer Squirrel Trap…

  • I’ve been using this for a few weeks now have 7 fewer squirrels, so I’m getting another!-D. Dacey
  • Very easy to set and great results!-D.S.
  • Just wanted to let you know how good your wood kill traps work for squirrels…. Have killed 8 of them and solved my squirrel problem in the walls of my house!… Thanks again!-G. Gustafson
  • Thank you so much, these traps are amazing. My neighbor and I both bought one after trying every other option to deter the squirrels from our properties. We have suffered much damage from chewing squirrels this year including many plastic items, to patio roof framing, a plastic gas can, a camper roof, and even a bumper of a Lexus. Well, after having these traps 10 days now we killed more than 1 a day.-D. Shingler
  • This has been a wonderful product and it will be the first time using the butter….                                                                           –A. Hess
  • The Little Killer Squirrel Trap is fantastic!!! I started using it on Tuesday and in 6 days, I’ve gotten 30+ squirrels. I find it works best on the ground,as opposed to surface mounting.Great product for the money!                                                                                                                                                             -R. McGhee
  • This is my second trap. I got my first one a few months ago and have eliminated 200+ squirrels. The only reason I’m ordering another one is that the first trap was damaged through use and was no longer repairable. Thanks for a great product!!!             —R. McGhee
  • Thanks so much for these Squirrel Traps! They work great and this one is a gift for a friend with a Squirrel Problem!                    -T. Naber

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Little Killer Squirrel Trap

Each, 2 Pack, 4 Pack

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  1. withheld for a good reason

    I have nothing personal against squirrels, but they are bird feeder raiders with expertise in gaining access. Since birds are my primary objective for feeding with six feeders, squirrels are a problem. This Little Killer Squirrel Trap fills the control objective perfectly.

    I bought 3 traps, and after learning how to load and set the traps, the 1st weekend of setting them out, (day time only) 9 squirrels were gone. To date, 25 in total will not grow old (Me and My Uncle reference re: Grateful Dead). We have a local cayote population that cleans up afterwards so there is no waste in the cycle of life.. Of the 25, one had to be shot and another got out somehow and ran off. Very pleased to give the traps a 5 star rating. And, also to Stephanie 5 stars!

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