Impulse Predator Bait


  • ULTIMATE PREDATOR BAIT: A unique blend of Bobcat Meat and ingredients that are sure to lure in predators!
  • REPUTABLE COMPANY: Barons Brand has been serving the trapping community for over 30 years with its excellent baits and lures!
  • MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central.


Impulse Predator Bait

Barons Brand has done it again with this unique blend! Impulse Predator Bait will make predators stop dead in their tracks and focus on the smell of this bait.  The base for this bait is a slightly tainted bobcat but it doesn’t stop there like most bobcat based baits.  Incorporated into this bait is a blend of high quality ingredients to make it long lasting, give it added curiosity, and tickle the predators nose at a greater distance than most baits.  Impulse Predator Bait is the bait every trapper needs when trapping canines!  Great for use at any initial dirt hole type sets or for remakes after a catch is made.

Trappers Tip: When using at an initial set I use a gob at least the size of a nickel and for remakes I will use a gob at least the size of a quarter. If you think a set is ruined by raccoons, opossums, or skunks try throwing this in the hole afterwards and see what happens!!! -Scott Behrens

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