Groundhog Heaven Trailing Scent


Groundhog Heaven Trailing Scent 4 oz.

  • Use this to get that animal into your trap every time.
  • Works well with woodchucks, rabbits and skunks.
  • Comes in a convenient 4 oz. squirt bottle for easy of baiting.


Groundhog Heaven – Trailing scent and lure.

Woodchucks, or groundhogs to some, simply cannot resist checking this scent out! Just dribble a trail of Groundhog Heaven into the trap from the area the animal frequents. Then, throw a cabbage leaf or half an apple with about 10-15 more drops of this scent on it and you’ll have a surprise guest waiting in the trap for you before you know it. Not only does this scent work great on woodchucks, but also works well with rabbits and skunks! This is the best trailing scent on the market and affordably priced at that!

Use in combination with Woodchuck Salad for best results.

Additional information

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Groundhog Heaven, Woodchuck Lure

1 – 4oz. squirt, 2 – 4oz. squirts, 1 – 16oz bottle


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