Garden Protector, Bird Intimidator


Garden Protector and Bird Intimidator for woodpeckers, rabbits, woodchucks, deer, and birds. Free shipping.



Garden Protector, Bird Intimidator

Garden Protector, Bird Intimidator (Patent Pending). Surprisingly effective.  For 20 years this product has been keeping unwanted rabbits, woodpeckers, woodchucks, deer, birds and other pests from causing damage. Also works great to deter and intimidate woodpeckers and other birds. Use the Garden Protector, Bird Intimidator this year.  Fluttering, colors and sounds mimic “strike movements” of predatory birds. Possibly the easiest yet most effective method of reducing or eliminating property or garden damage. No batteries, cords, or other maintenance requirements. Easy to install and durable. Directions included. If you are looking for an easy way to deter unwanted animals from your yard or garden this is the tool you need. So easy and effective you won’t believe it until you see how well it works!

Position the Garden Protector, Bird Intimidator three to four feet above the height of the area you need to protect or over the damaged area.  You can use a single pole or a tripod for attachment in Gardens or Screw directly to the house.  The support arm is long enough that it will reduce the chance of the product banging against the side of the house causing damage.

Scotts Tip:  You are always better off if you place this type of repellent before to damage starts.  If using in your garden move around periodically to avoid animals getting used to placement sites.  It is also better to use more than less when trying to stop damage.

If damage has already started in your garden you might want to consider a product like Bobbex.  However read label directions as you may not be able to use it directly on edible parts of the plant.  For more woodchuck damage information you can follow this Woodchuck Link.  Please note you will leave this site.

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Weight .2 lbs
Garden Protector & Bird Intimidator

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