Fox Trappers Special


  • ULTIMATE FOX TRAPPING DEAL: We put everything into one awesome package deal for trappers looking to successfully trap fox!
  • ALL THE BEST LURES: In the Fox Trappers Special you’ll find a variety of lures of a variety of reputable companies that are sure to show results!
  • MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central.


Fox Trappers Special

The Fox Trappers Specials has everything you need in one package to successfully trap fox! And for a great price too!

1 – 16oz. Reuwsaat’s Fatal Step Predator Bait

Reuwsaat’s Fatal Step Bait says it all. This All weather bait is deadly on all predators. This is a top quality bait that will work year round. It will help you harvest coyote, red fox, grey fox, badger, fisher cats, skunks and raccoon. It will perform at exceptional levels in both flat and dirt hole sets. It is made in a thinner consistency than a paste bait and holds the odor longer to help in extreme cold in winter trapping conditions.

1 – 1oz. Barons Brand Red Baron Fox Gland Lure

Great for Red Fox but is also highly attractive to Grey Fox, Bobcats and Coyotes. This is a thick full bodied gland lure made from wild caught red fox, not some watered down gland lure commonly found. Red Baron is a gland lure that is attractive to Fox Year Round.This Red Fox gland lure made to be used in conjunction with bait or red fox urine at dirt hole sets, but works great on post sets too. Comes in glass jars.

1 – 1oz. Blackies Blend Cat-N-Mouse Lure

If you are looking for a mouse-based fox and coyote lure, this is it. Not rank or foul, but a somewhat musky odor with the slightest whisper of a natural animal sweetness as an undertone. Mild but very lingering. Just right to tease/tantalize that predator’s early season picky nature. Pulverized, emulsified thick.

1 – 1oz. Barons Brand Long Call Lure

Made with food odor, a blend of musks, and a healthy dose of skunk. This one does as it implies; it calls in predators from a long ways away. Use in cold weather or if a set is not producing after a few days, add this call lure. Great for all predators anywhere, never leave for the trapline without it.  Comes in glass bottles.

1 – 16oz. Barons Brand Red Fox Urine

100% urine, nothing is added to this product. Red Fox Urine is used for trapping canines.

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