Tomahawk Model 409 Floating Turtle Trap



The Tomahawk Model 409 is a floating turtle trap designed to catch many turtles at a time. When turtles climb up on the ramps to sun themselves the gravity trap panels tip into the trap compartment and they fall into the trap. Made with aluminum ramps, 1″ x 1″ – 14 gauge coated mesh frame, and strategic ¼” steel reinforcing rods make this the strongest and most durable floating turtle trap available. The wire mesh is coated with the same material used on lobster pots in salt water. Along with turtles naturally entering the trap from sunning on the platforms you may also entice turtles to enter the trap by using chopped raw fish for bait enclosed in a sack or bait box placed inside the trap. This trap measures 24L x 20W x 18H.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 18 in


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