Flattails Surprise Beaver Lure


Flattails Surprise Beaver Lure

  • Good anytime of the year.
  • Valued product of professional beaver trappers.
  • Come in glass jars.


Flattails Surprise Beaver Lure.

Flattails Surprise is very attractive to all passing beaver. Made with carefully collected castor, oil and a blend of other highly attractive ingredients.  This lure is as good as it gets.  Good anytime of the year in any part of the country. Professional beaver trappers really love this one. Comes in glass jars. Guard the beaver entry to this lure with a #330 body gripping trap, snare, or foothold trap and BAM!  Check out our large selection of Beaver Traps.

Flattails Surprise Beaver Lure was developed in the early 90’s with the collaboration of a good friend of mine named Charlie Dobbins.  At the time I had a good beaver lure but Charlie had given me a special ingredient to try. Instead of making another lure for beaver I incorporated it into my existing lure.  WOW! my lure went from pretty darn good to great! obviously the formulation worked well together.  I would put this one up against any on the market today.

I never did make a second Beaver Lure as this one does perform anywhere and at any time of the year.  In short I never needed another Beaver Lure.  I have personally used this Lure in several parts of the country and in every month of the year.

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Flattails Surprise Beaver Lure

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