Easy Set Mole Trap



Easy Set Mole Trap

Easy Set Mole Trap. Easy to use: Simply step down on it to set it. Jaws are under ground, so it is pet safe. Heavy Duty Electroplated hi-strength steel with stainless steel springs. Proven performance on lawns, gardens, and golf courses all over the USA.  Some people have said their able to mow over the top of this trap because it sits low to the ground.

We also have a mole control book to assist you in your mole trapping efforts and poisons like Mole and Gopher Patrol for people that want to try and poison moles.

Scotts tip:  Always focus your efforts on the long straight runs the moles make.  If you only have mounds then use a trap like the NoMole Mole trap. Or make sure your problem isn’t Pocket Gophers.

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Weight 3.1 lbs


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