Easy Mole Trap


  • Put an end to the peskiest moles with the Oak Hill Unlimited EASY MOLE TRAP Easy Mole Trap, the most effective mole control device and method available.
  • Step-to-set this easy mole trap in a fresh mole tunnel, no digging required.


Easy Mole Trap

The Easy Mole Trap is the most effective mole control device and method available. Eliminate moles quickly and safely, without the use of harmful chemicals or baits, with this heavy-duty mole trap. When used properly, moles can be caught within 24 hours. And because it uses no toxins, it is safe for the environment. The easy trap eliminates moles rather than driving them to relocate and cause damage elsewhere. Because a population of 3-5 moles per acre is possible, we recommend at least one trap per quarter-acre for ultimate success. This easy, effective mole trap is powerful and should be used with caution.

  • Step-to-set this trap in a fresh tunnels, no digging required
  • Heavy-duty trap has a galvanized, electroplated steel body
  • Reusable and recyclable can be used to control mole populations long-term
  • Effective and uses no harmful chemicals or baits
  • Stainless steel springs are durable for long-lasting use
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Follow step-to-set instructions for best results

To better understand mole behavior and mole trapping, check out our Mole Control Book to assist you in your mole trapping efforts and poisons like Mole and Gopher Patrol for people that want to try and poison moles.

Pro tip:  Always focus your efforts on the long straight runs the moles make. If you only have mounds then use a trap like the NoMole Mole Trap. Or make sure your problem isn’t Pocket Gophers. -Scott

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