Coyote Trappers Special


  • ULTIMATE COYOTE TRAPPING DEAL: We put everything into one awesome package deal for trappers looking to successfully trap coyote!
  • ALL THE BEST LURES: In the Coyote Trappers Special you’ll find a variety of lures of a variety of reputable companies that are sure to show results!
  • MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central.


Coyote Trappers Special

The Coyote Trappers Special has everything you need in one package to successfully trap coyotes! And for a great price too!

1 – 16oz. Minnesota Brand Predator Bait Plus
A bait and lure all in one. Bobcat meat is blended together with skunk sacs, mink glands, and beaver castor. Aged together for a full year before fixing and stabilizing. Top notch for coyote, bobcat, fox, fisher, and raccoon. Comes in 16oz jars.

1 – 4oz. Barons Brand Dead End Predator Lure
Dead End is a combination of food ingredients and curiosity. It is paste lure that holds up great in wet weather. It takes a full two years to make this lure but it is well worth the wait. Dead End is perfect for fox, coyote, and bobcat anywhere. Comes in glass jars. Best Lure in the industry by far!

1 – 4oz. Barons Brand Long Call Lure
Made with food odor, a blend of musks, and a healthy dose of skunk. This one does as it implies; it calls in predators from a long ways away. Use in cold weather or if a set is not producing after a few days, add this call lure. Great for all predators anywhere, never leave for the trapline without it. Comes in glass bottles.

1 – 4oz. Cavens Yodel Dog Lure
A very thick, long-lasting natural gland lure that will really stir up those howlers. Yodel Dog is made from glands aged to perfection and is not only the answer to post sets but really dresses up your dirt hole and flat sets. If you’ve never tried a coyote smell at a few of your coon sets, now’s the time and here’s the lure. Comes in glass jars.

1 – 32oz. Barons Brand Coyote Urine
100% urine, nothing is added. Used extensively for trapping canines.


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