Coon and Mink Trappers Special


  • ULTIMATE RACCOON AND MINK TRAPPING DEAL: We put everything into one awesome package deal for trappers looking to successfully trap coon and mink!
  • ALL THE BEST LURES: In the Coon and Mink Trappers Special you’ll find a variety of lures of a variety of reputable companies that are sure to show results!
  • MADE IN THE USA – Animal Control Products is located in Wisconsin, wildlife central.
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Coon and Mink Trappers Special

The Coon and Mink Trappers Special contains everything you need in one package deal to successfully trap raccoon and mink! And for a great price too!

1 – 16oz. Barons Brand Crawfish Oil
This sensational, 100% pure product has more then proven itself on coon, mink and otter as well as predators. Weather resistant, Just try to wash it off! 16 oz.

1 – 4oz. Barons Brand Shellfish Oil
This shellfish oil is second to none on the market, just take a sniff and you will become a believer. Truly a quality product. Used for trapping mink, otter, fisher, and raccoon.

1 – 9oz. Cavens Coon and Mink Bait
From a Wisconsin mink trapper to an Arizona ‘cat trapper, from a Pennsylvania coon man to a Wyoming coyote man, from Virginia greys to North Dakota reds, it does it all. This is a fish-based bait that is ideal to use at those locations where any critter is possible.

1 – 4oz. Blackies Blend Money Maker
17 ingredients (spring ‘rat glands, castor & oils) blended into a water-resistant base, producing the very top all around lure for mink, coon, rats, and beaver available anywhere today – bar none. How many water trapping lures have ever gained legendary status like some predator lures have? None! Now there is one…Moneymaker. Thick, sticky, long lasting. All season.

1 – 1oz. Hawbakers No. 1 Mink Lure
Hawbakers mink lure is different from others but still highly attractive to mink. Can be used at any type of set, comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle.

1 – 1oz. Carmens No. 1 Raccoon Lure
Carman’s Raccoon Lure 1 oz. #1 A professional lure for the serious coon trapper.

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