Contrac Poison Blox 18lb Pail


Contrac Poison Blox 18 lb. Pail. Moisture resistant rodent poison for use in poison stations.


Contrac All-weather Blox Rodenticide is a multi-edged, single feeding Rat and Mouse bait. It is formulated with an optimal blend of food grade ingredients and low wax to yield a highly palatable, weatherable bait that is very attractive to rodents. Secondary poisoning is very minimal with Contrac as an antidote to the poison (vitamin K1) is readily available. We recommend placing the blox in tamper resistant mouse bait stations or rat bait stations to protect the bait from non-target animals such as dogs and cats. EP REG 12455-79

Note: Due to New California State restrictions, this Can Not be Sold in California.






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