COLLARUM® Live Capture Canine Device (Coyote Model)



Collarum® Deluxe, stainless steel, humane, canine specific live capture device for such species as coyote, dingo, hyena and animals of similar size. Adjustable trigger, reusable cable, no rusting, low maintenance.

The Collarum® has been used extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Spain & Australia for the capture of canines. The military has used them on bases in Iraq & Afghanistan for the humane removal of feral dogs.

Some Assembly Required.

Did you know? According to National Geographic, about half a million coyotes are killed in the United States each year! The Collarum is the perfect way to remove these animals in a humane and safe way without killing the animal. Coyotes and other canines have become a huge issue because the population of these animals have skyrocketed in the past few years. Coyotes tend to look for an easy meal, and oftentimes, that is a house pet. Coyotes and foxes also like to work sheep pastures and  get into chicken pens. Keep all your pets and animals safe with the Collarum Trap.

People have taken coyotes from backyards and gardens, problem dogs at a landfill, and coyotes and fox working herd animals. This is a cable restraining device that is very unique. This trap uses a series of springs and cables to capture canines around the neck. Once the cable is fastened around the animal’s neck, it will tighten just enough so the animal cannot escape but it will not choke the animal. The animal can pull and tug as much as it wants but will prove unsuccessful against this tightly wired trap. Comes with a training video.

To learn more about coyotes and how to get rid of them, click HERE.

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Weight 3.0 lbs


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