Bat Eviction Valve


  • EASY TO USE: The Bat Eviction Valve comes with everything you need to set up a way for the bats to leave your home, but not come back. Comes with full, easy to understand instructions!
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS: Bat Control Specialists around the country rely on the Bat Eviction Valve.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Animal Control Products prides itself on keeping our products made within the USA.


Bat Eviction Valve

Our Bat Eviction Valves are extremely effective and come ready to use. The 2x2x6 inch valves are reusable and can be trimmed for a custom fit. The Bat Eviction Valve can be easily mounted over bat entry holes and comes with mounting strap (not shown). It allows the bats to freely leave the building and when they return they won’t be able to get back in. Easy to use, comes with easy to follow directions. These valves are regularly used by professional bat control specialists across the country. Eliminate bats from your house once and for all!

Give your bats a new and safer place to live like in one of our made in house Bat Houses.

To learn more about bats, check out our Bat Information.

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Weight 1 lbs

1 Pack, 4 Pack


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