Bridger #160




Great trap for raccoon, fisher and skunk.

#160 Bridger Bodygripper – Double spring. Heavy duty jaws combined with a stout heat treated spring. The perfect trap for bottom edge sets. The Bridger #160 is an excellent choice to use on trails and runs for raccoon and skunk, and cubby sets for fisher.

The #160, #220, #280, and #330 Bridger Bodygrippers also have “magnum” jaws and heat treated springs. In addition, these five traps have flat super safeties, stronger trigger wires, a tear drop ring attached to the spring and a swivel on each end of the chain. To finish the revamping process we increased the jaw spread size on the #160, #220, and #330. The new Bridger Magnum Bodygrippers are rugged, durable, and ready to go to work for you.

  • Jaw Spread: 6 1/8” x 6”
  • Chain: 14” of #2 TL Chain   (16 total links)
  • Swivels: 2 Heavy Duty Swivels. One off tear drop ring & one at end of chain
  • Total Chain Length: 17 1/2” including swivels
  • Flat safety hooks
  • Weight:  1.85 pounds

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