Bird Trap Door for Sparrows


  • EFFECTIVELY trap troublesome sparrows!
  • EASY to use and comes with easy to read instructions.



Bird Trap Door for Sparrows

The Bird Trap Door for Sparrows fits over any hole less than 2″ in diameter. Each trap comes with a mounting template and a complete set of instructions for installation in any of the different styles of nest boxes. Just install it in you bluebird houses and catch the sparrows. Easy to install and remove. Please note that this will catch any bird that enters the house including wrens, small woodpeckers, etc.. Box not included.

This sparrow trap will work on any nest box which has a flat wooden front — with slot, round, or oval entrance holes.

1. Slide the trap onto the screws.
2. Set the trap.
3. Gently close and secure the door.
4. Place the trap on post or tree.
5. Monitor the trap and wait for the yellow dot to show.
*The nest box must be monitored and (protected) birds must be released within 30 minutes of capture. 

To purchase a sparrow trap door complete with a wooden box, check out our Sparrow Birdhouse Trap.

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