Bird Blaster


  • THE ULTIMATE BIRD REPELLENT: Bird Blaster is sure to keep damaging woodpeckers and nest building sparrows away from buildings.
  • PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY: Keeping bothersome woodpeckers away from your property is key to keeping your sanity. For even better results using Bird Blaster, use Flashers to really irritate woodpeckers and swallows!
  • MADE IN THE USA-Animal Control Products has been serving customers for 30+ years with products made in the United States.


Bird Blaster

Bird Blaster is a liquid repellent that irritates the birds olfactory senses. This means the bird that comes into contact with the repellent will become irritated with the taste and scent that the liquid puts off. Using this repellent cannot be any easier! It comes in ready to use 16 oz. bottle. All you need to do is spray on areas of damage. Must re-apply after rain and in 2 week intervals to keep woodpeckers at bay.

Woodpecker damage is found mostly on wood exteriors in suburbs near wooded areas. Generally, damage to a building involves only one or two birds, but it may involve six or eight during a season. Most woodpecker damage occurs from February through June, which corresponds with the breeding season and the period of territory establishment.

For even better results, use our made in house Flasher. This combination works especially well on woodpecker holes and swallow nesting areas.

To learn more about woodpeckers and their habits, visit this link on our website, 

To learn even more about woodpeckers and to find out what specie of woodpecker may be causing damage to your property, check out (this link will take you from our website)

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