Avian Migrate Reject it. Great for geese on lawns.


Avian Migrate Goose and Bird Repellent


Avian Migrate™ is a non-toxic repellent that discourages geese and other birds from congregating on golf courses, parks, athletic fields, airports, vineyards and other areas where birds are grazing. It is an EPA registered bird repellent, that is effective against most types of nuisance birds; suitable for use around humans, pets and other animals. One gallon covers approximately 16,000 sq. ft. of turf.

Using a unique patent pending formula, Avian Migrate irritates the birds’ mucous membranes causing them to avoid the area. The repellent also contains a special colorant that is visible only to the birds. The color lets them know that the area has been treated and teaches them to stay away in the future. Avian Migrate can either be sprayed or fogged for desired effect.

Features and Benefits

Keeps property clear of goose and bird droppings
Non-hazardous; will not harm birds
Utilizes active ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate, a non-toxic food-grade ingredient which exceeds US food Chemical Codex specifications
Best applied with spray equipment such as garden sprayers or foggers
Contains a breakthrough technology that uses a special colorant, visible only to birds, that let them know that the area has been treated. This teaches unwanted birds to stay away in the future
Does not harm grass, shrubs and other vegetation and is not easily rinsed away by rain or sprinklers
The ingredients in Avian Migrate are “Generally Regarded As Sage or GRAS by the US Food and Drug Administration and are “earth friendly” (EPA registration #91897-4)
Contains a special colorant, visible only to the birds, that lets them know that the area has been treated. This “teaches” unwanted geese and birds to stay away from treated areas in the future.
Avian Migrate™ Goose and Bird Repellent is non-toxic and will not harm vegetation.







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