A24 Rat & Mouse Trap-CO2



At the heart of the Home Trapping Kit is the A24 Rat & Mouse Trap. The A24 Rat & Mouse Trap automatically resets itself, uses toxin-free lure and is certified humane.

The A24 Trap is powered by a CO2 gas canister. This is how it automatically resets after each strike. One gas canister can kill 24 rats and mice before it needs replacing.

The Home Trapping Kit includes a Trap Stand making it easy to move your trap to target different rodent hotspots and helps you to dispose of dead pests without touching them.

Keeping lures fresh and attractive is critical to catching rodents. This kit comes with an Automatic Lure Pump which automatically dispenses toxin-free, long-life lure for up to six months keeping the lure fresh. Toxin-free means safer for all, and no risk of secondary poisoning.

When you start trapping with the A24 Rat & Mouse Trap, giving your rats and mice a taste of the lure inside your trap increases your success in catching them. The Home Trapping Kit includes six Lure Tasters to get your rodents hooked on the lure inside the trap.

The Quick Start guide will help you set up your trap with step by step instructions. Everything you need to get started is in the box!

Note: This kit does not include Strike Counter or Tree Mount.

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Weight 2.3 lbs


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