5×5 / 155 Bodygrip Combo Marten & Fisher Set – Bob Noonan – DVD



5×5 / 155 Bodygrip Combo Marten & Fisher Set – Bob Noonan – DVD

Marten and fisher often share the same habitat and are attracted to the same baits and lures, but because of their very different body size, finding a trap that captures both consistently at the same set has been a problem. But now there is a trap size that will consistently catch both species: The new 5×5 and #155 double spring bodygrippers, which have full 5-inch inside jawspreads. This trap is also effective on raccoon and groundhog as well as mink and muskrat.

In the first half of this 2-hour DVD , Bob Noonan and Mike Wilhite demonstrate a very effective combination marten/fisher set with the 5×5 and #155 on a northern Maine wilderness line. You’ll see set locations, marten and fisher catches, moose, and Canada Jays eating out of Mike’s hand.
In the second half of this DVD , well-known Maine trapper and fur buyer Jerry Braley, who has handled 3,000-plus fisher and 4,000-plus marten, demonstrates and describes in depth, detailed, step-by-step fur handling methods for both these valuable furbearers. These techniques apply to many other furbearers, making this also an ideal video for both beginning and experienced fur handlers. 2 Hours.

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