Duke # 220 Body Grip Trap


  • Duke 220 Conibear Body Grip Trap.
  • For raccoons, otters, woodchucks and similar sized animals.
  • Strong trap with 7×7 inch opening.


The Duke #220 Body Grip Trap is great for raccoons, otters, woodchucks and similar sized animals. A kill type trap that is placed in runways or over burrow holes allowing the animal to move through the trap thus capturing it. Use on raccoons, skunks, otters, fishers, opossums, and similar sized animals.

The Duke 220 Conibear Body Grip trap is designed for use in a wide variety of predator control, fur trapping and wildlife management. Trap works well on the ground, suspended, submerged in water, under ice or when covered with light snow. When used properly they result in a quick, humane kill.

Please use this trap with caution and keep out of areas that pets or children frequent. For safe setting and handling use with the 0963 Safety Grippers and the GEM Body Grip Trap Setters. (This is a very strong trap you will most likely not be able to set by hand). 7×7 inch opening. Comes with directions, simple and very effective!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
220 Duke Body Gripper

Each, Six, Dozen


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