Duke 160 Body Gripper


160 Conibear body grip trap. For raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits and similar sized animals.



The Duke 160 Conibear body grip trap. For raccoons, woodchucks, and similar sized animals. No baiting required! This trap is designed to be placed over an entrance hole and the trap is sprung when the animal enters or leaves. Can also be placed in the animals line of travel. For use with rabbits, woodchucks, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks and similar sized animals. 6×6 inch opening. For safe handling use with the 0963 Safety Gripper, this allows you to put the trap in place without setting it off. This trap is strong and may be hard for some to set by hand. If you think you may have trouble setting any of the body grip traps use the GEM Body Grip Trap Setter.

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160 Duke Body Gripper

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