Trap Preparation Equipment

Trap Preparation Equipment,  Everything you need to prepare your traps for use. Dye, wax, dips, and trap tags.  You will find a variety of the newest dips including three colors to fit your needs.  We also have dips that use water or gas for preparation.  Logwood dyes are a traditional form of dyeing traps and we have several products to boil your traps in.  Trap tags are  a must for most states and we have those also.  Trap dips are the fastest and easiest way to dye traps you simply add gas or water depending on the product and dip your traps in it.  Then you just let the traps hang to dry out.  Its best if you do this well in advance of use.  Logwood type dyes you put in water and boil your traps in it for an hour or so.  Just let dry and they are ready to go.  If wax is used then you would melt the wax then dip your trap in it wait till it heats up then remove and let cool.

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