Set Making Equipment

Set Making Equipment. Tools, pan covers, sifters, augers, trowels, wax, trap setters and more.  Everything needed to make trap sets for animals.  for digging holes to put your bait or lure in, we have 3 inch and 2 inch augers for cordless drills, also wide and narrow trapping trowels.  For pounding in trap anchors we have hammer digger tools or equipment . Our custom hammers and diggers used for set making are very durable.

Our fiberglass trap pan covers are used prior to covering up your trap with dirt.  We have a complete selection of pan covers for different sized traps.   Using these pan covers wont allow and debris and dirt doesn’t from under the trap pan and stopping the trap from triggering.  To cover the trap just use a sifter to sift out any rocks and debris that could clog the trap jaws when fired thus allowing the animal to pull out.  We have set making sifters for professionals and beginners alike including lifetime sifters. Check out our selection of products you will need to make trap sets.  We have set making equipment for professionals and beginners.  

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