Other Trapping Equipment

Other Trapping Equipment. Pack Baskets, Trap Anchors and Drivers, Wire, Skinning Aprons, Knives, sharpeners, scrappers, tail strippers, gambrels, and everything you need for the fur shed.

We have pack baskets for children and adults.  Check out our selection of heavy duty and regular trap anchors and drivers.  We have trapping wire for the snare man as well as water trappers.  For the fur shed we have skinning aprons and knives for mink, muskrat and weasels.  We have specialized knives for skinning beavers and knives for coyotes, coon, fox and all furbearers.  To keep knives sharp we have knife sharpeners.

Skinning is easier when you use one of our  skinning gambrels.  To debone tails we have metal and plastic tail strippers for mink, coon, fox, coyote and all furbearers.  We have scrappers for mink and muskrat as well as fleshing knives for raccoon, coyotes, beaver, otter and all furbearers.  Check out all of our Other Trapping Equipment for what you need.

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