Live Trap Accessories

Live Trap Accessories.  Equipment for transferring live animals, HD Heavy Duty Live Trap Dividers, Trigger Wires for Comstock Live Traps and Transfer Cages.

We have transfer cages for squirrels.  Heavy duty trap dividers will allow you to restrain animals in live traps.  This allows for opening of doors or rear slide doors to transfer animals safely into a transfer cage.  We have HD dividers for almost any size of live trap.  You will find our HD dividers will work on live traps made by Tomahawk, Comstock live traps, Havahart traps, Safeguard live traps or any mesh type Live Trap.

Our Live Trap Accessories also include Comstock walk thru trap trigger wires. These wires are made specifically for the Comstock Live Traps.

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